The Art of Revisioning

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1. Let the tiny people in the computer work for you ##

You need to use a grammar and spell checker. This is the most obvious and the most important of the tips on this list, both of these tools help to improve your writing style drastically.

Common ones i use:

  • vim spellchecker
  • word spellchecker
  • language tool

2. Let important people read your work ##

Someone more experienced in the papers field than you will point you towards issues with your content 9 out of 10 times.

Someone inexperienced in the specific field however will most likely find things you brushed over or didn’t explain well enough for them to understand without having experience .

2.1 Who to ask ###

Ask people in the years before you to read your papers and mark things they don’t like - it helped me a lot. You can always ask your professors to read your papers before submitting your final version.

4. Lets burn some Wood ##

Even if it hurts to hurt the earth even more. you should always print your paper, read and mark things you would like to change or improve.

The results are worth it - believe me i tried it.