Why and how i migrated my blog from nuxt/content to hugo

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I used nuxt content with vue 2, some of these points do not apply to nuxt content v2 with vue 3

Why i used nuxt content (nc) ##

Nc is a nuxt module which parses several file types and displays their contents in html.1 I used nc to display my blog articles in my portfolio by letting it parse my markdown into html.

Don’t get me wrong, nc is amazing.

Its easy to implement a blog using nc with so many features such as automatically generating a table of contents or providing a full text search. nc also has a lot of possible integrations for things like rss.


Why i don’t use it anymore ##

My portfolio was written back when vue version 2 was the latest iteration, therefore i wanted to migrate to vue3 and nuxt 2. While doing so i had a lot of issues and at the end decided to not give a damn and just use a different solution.

Dependency and Vulnerability hell ###

Installing nc, even the newest release, installs 1500 packages, several of them deprecated and around 20 vulnerabilities:


Missing features ###

Out of the box nc is lacking a lot of features, such as generating a rss feed for all blog posts, code syntax highlighting and other.2

There are packages providing these functionalities3, which will however depend on packages and thus will only add oil to the dumpster fire of dependencies.

Performance ###

First content paint using SSR and performance hacks i accumulated around the web was still at around 2 seconds, which is too slow for a simple site such as a portfolio with a blog.

After stripping out the blog, nc and all the styling used for the blog, i was able to cut FCP in halve.

Currently my portfolio only contains a small about page and renders my skills from a json file with icons and for how long ive been using the certain tech. This is a very small page and I don’t think it needs a framework such as nuxt, therefore i will probably add the rest of the portfolio to this hugo blog and create my own hugo theme.

Why use Hugo ##

I was about to write my own blogging system by converting the markdown files into html using pandoc and hosting the result on github.

I scrapped that idea after seeing what Hugo can do.

Hugo is used in my blog for:

  • generating a xml rss feed
  • extracting yaml frontmatter
  • sorting posts by tag or by date
  • styling articles
  • highlighting the syntax of code blocks

and providing me with a github action, which allows me to edit a markdown file, commit and push to github and my blog gets updated.

Here is the source for this blog: https://github.com/xNaCly/blog

[UPDATE: 2022-08-23] ##

I now have deprecated my portfolio and moved everything to hugo. As one can see my skill set and a short biography are displayed at ~/about. I also created my own theme by forking the hugo-mini-theme and changing it to my liking. I implemented dark and light theme support depending on the system preference, as well as better responsiveness. I am currently thinking about merging my changes into upstream, but thats a whole other story.